Town & Country Carpet & Upholstery Care Cleaning Guide

Between professional cleanings, there are steps you can take to maintain the cleanliness of your furnishings until Town & Country Carpet & Upholstery Care’s next visit to your Shuswap area home or business.

Stain Removal Guide

Many stains can be removed or at least reduced, if you take care of it immediately and attack it the right way. Refer to our handy spot removal guide to help prevent these common stains:


Squirt with warm water or soda water, blot until dry, repeat if needed


Apply cool detergent, apply ammonia solution, rinse and blot until dry


Chill with ice cube, scrape off as much as possible, apply non-oily polish remover, rinse and blot


Flush with cold water or soda water, blot until dry

Soft drinks

Flush with cold water or soda water, blot until dry

Never rub a stain, just blot it with a light colour cloth or rag. Rubbing can break down the carpet fibres and could even spread the stain. Keep blotting until you get all the moisture out. Then call us to finish the job!

*Please keep in mind, this guide is not a guarantee, and any attempt at cleaning stains yourself is done at your own risk!

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